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My Beautiful is the most beautiful girl in the world. I can make this bold statement with 100% confidence because Isabel possesses a combination of beauty and goodness that has never been seen before! When I first met Isabel, I could obviously tell she was a gorgeous girl, but there was something else about her that left me wanting more. Since then, I have referred to that something as the "It" factor. I wanted so badly to get to know her, to understand her, and to understand what "it" was that set her so far apart from the rest of the world.

Not a day goes by that this "it" doesn't show itself to me and to the rest of the world. When we were just getting to know each other, I would ask Isabel to share stories of her life with me. I called these stories her "Greatness Stories." I wanted to know about all of the life experiences that have helped to shape her into the amazing person that she is today. When you start dating someone, you meet them for dinner, go to the movies, or go to get a cup of coffee - all of these scenarios are not real life. On a date, you're on! You try to bring your "A" game to spark the interest of the other person. Because we worked together, we didn't have the opportunity to fake it! From day one we had to be real with each other and from day one our friendship grew. Working together at FIU also allowed me the unique opportunity of witnessing her greatness first hand and in a real life environment. I was able to watch her interact with people, navigate through difficult situations, and brighten everyone's day. I was watching her be herself when she didn't even know I was paying attention. Everything I saw was greatness and I fell in love with every single part of her.

Our friendship is the cornerstone of our relationship and the foundation for the love that we share. We are friends first. And we genuinely like each other. That seems like a simple thing to say, but it is very true. When we first met, we were working together, and when we first started dating, I was getting very sick. We grew together through adversity. In situations where other people and other couples fold, we became stronger. One of the reasons we prevailed through it all is because our relationship focuses on each other and not on the things we do together. It doesn't matter what we are doing, as long as we're together! You hear a lot of couples say that they share a "place" where they love to go and have fun together and the "place" often reminds them of each other and their relationship. Our place is with each other, whether it's out to dinner or at home on the couch. We can spend the night dancing with family or at home watching Scandal and have just as much fun! Isabel is my happy place and my safe place; with her is where I want to be!

I've tried to explain the "it" for the last two years and have failed. What I can say is that ALL of her actions and thoughts are centered around goodness. Good intentions are at the root of everything she does. It is truly unbelievable. She is always thinking about others, considering their feelings, and understanding different points of view. It’s remarkable. She is always able to see and understand the other side.

Isabel blows me away. I am in awe of her beauty and goodness. She is the total package that has never been seen before. My best friend and my world. I love her with all of my heart and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with the most beautiful girl in the world.

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It's a complete injustice to Andrew for me, or anyone else, to try to put him into words. A person like Andrew isn't supposed to exist. He is everything that is good. He is my inspiration. My hero. He is everything that we should all be. Every single day I am amazed by Andrew. Every single day. That's not some wedding day cliché. He is quite literally someone whose thoughts, actions, and intentions are so incredible on a daily basis, that I can't help but sit back and admire this person that I fell in love with. It reminds me every single day why I fell in love with him and why I will always be in love with him. I am in awe of his kindness to strangers and loved ones alike. I have watched him buy groceries for those who can't afford it, and buy suits for young men who've never owned one. Everyone who knows him is better for it. I am at my best when I am with him. I am in awe of the love and admiration he shows me. There is not a day that goes by that Andrew doesn't tell me how he feels about me. I am constantly reminded with his beautiful words and the way he looks at me. I am in awe of his strength, his toughness, and his courage. When I think about the fact that since I have known Andrew, he has not experienced one day without immense pain, it blows my mind. You would NEVER know the physical struggle he faces every day; in fact, most people have no clue. Six procedures, including two brain surgeries, and little-to-no relief later, he's still smiling, giving to others, making me the focus of his everyday life, and making sure that every day is fun, exciting, and beautiful. I don't know how he does it. I am his number one fan.

Andrew came along and changed everything. He changed the way I love, the way I see the world, the way I see myself. He has shown me that the qualities in me that I always saw as weaknesses, are actually my beautiful strengths. He sees me in a way that no one else has ever seen me. And he has shown me the beauty that is within me. There are not enough words to express. I can't think of a more incredible gift that one person could give another. He's the best thing I've ever done.

My favorite part of the day is walking through the front door and running into Andrew's arms!! I miss working with him and watching his goodness all day long. He is unbelievable to observe. Unreal. Completely indescribable. I love the way we cherish and appreciate each other. It's one of the things I feel is so special about our relationship - the constant admiration that we feel for one another. Not a day goes by where we don't thank each other for all of the little things - our "thank you for doing the dishes; no, thank YOU for taking out the trash; no, thank YOU for putting in a new trash bag" sessions would lead you to believe we were crazy. I never get tired of hearing friends and strangers alike come up to me and tell me how Andrew's face lights up when I walk into the room. How he goes on and on (...and on!) about me when I'm not there. I, too, beam and gush with love, pride, and admiration. These are all things you can only dream about. You wouldn't believe my fairytale unless you were a fly on the wall. And then you still wouldn't believe it. Like we say to each other all the time: At love, life, happiness - we've won!!!

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