Francisco Perez / Best Man

My best friend and “brother”. Francisco and I played middle school basketball together and our friendship has carried on since. An odd pairing, the 6’4” Venezuelan and the 5’9” “white guy” uniquely resembled Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Devito in the movie, "Twins". Despite our external appearances, our chemistry on the basketball court is well-known amongst many a local foe. Just ask my cousin Eric and my groomsman Ibs – they have first-hand experience of our on-court dominance. Francisco and I have been through a lot together.  He is one of the toughest people I know and I have a great deal of respect for him. I was honored to be his best man and am so grateful he is returning the favor.



Ben Wegemer / Groomsman

The true definition of perseverance. There is nothing that Ben Wegemer can’t do. Our friendship grew late in our freshman year of college and has grown even stronger in recent months. He has always been extremely supportive of me no matter what the situation. He and I have engaged in some of the deepest conversations known to man. I always come away from those conversations a better person. There are very few things that Ben and I disagree on, the biggest being “the most wonderful week of the year”, and another being our sports team affiliations. Please don’t hold it against him…he’s an Irish fan.



Brian Pierson / Groomsman

My neighbor and carpool buddy since middle school, Brian and I have a very unique friendship. One of the most amazing things about Brian is his love for my sister, Elizabeth. Every time Brian steps into our house, my sister’s eyes light up. He makes her laugh with his boisterous personality and his uncanny ability to “fake” bodily noises. Brian has a huge heart and has been a wonderful friend. Not only am I thankful for his friendship, but for the sacrifices he makes on a daily basis for our country.


Joe Marcus / Groomsman

Joe and I have been through several beatings together. Although you wouldn’t know it now, Joe was the smallest offensive lineman in the history of high school football. His toughness, however, was unmatched. I always knew that in spite of his small stature, he’d be the first guy I would bring to a brawl. Years later, his brawn has definitely caught up to his bite! When Joe first heard of my medical issues, he immediately came to our house to express his concern and lend his support. I know that I can always count on Joe for anything.



Andrew Metter / Groomsman

The Gangsta from Greenwich we all know and love! On day one at Dickinson College, I met a lifelong friend. Andrew and I essentially roomed and spent countless hours together for 4 awesome years. Andrew is one of the most caring and unique people I have ever met. He is always there when you need him. His crazy antics and off-the-wall humor always make for a good time. I’ve never met a person that EVERYONE can’t help but love until Andrew Metter came along. His legend will live on forever!


Brian Wallen / Groomsman

The smartest person I know…and he wouldn’t hesitate to agree! There’s more to Brian than his bulging muscles and stunning good looks. Like the Gangsta, Brian and I became friends in our first year in college at Dickinson. Brian has a genuine concern for the people he loves and he shows it everyday. Not a week goes by that he doesn’t call to check in. He’s always there to provide reason and expert advice whenever I need him – he is also the wittiest person I have ever met. I often find myself laughing at his jokes, even though they are too smart for me to truly understand.


Kirk Hannah / Groomsman

At first glance, Kirk is quite the imposing figure. But underneath the massive man lies a heart of gold. You can see the goodness on his face every time he smiles. Kirk is truly a good person. Kirk and I shared some great times as both teammates and friends. We kept in touch through college, despite being miles away. It doesn’t matter how long we go between talking, we always pick up right where we left off. Kirk Hannah: the big, black teddy bear.


Ibrahim "Ibs" Chaudry / Groomsman

His smooth style and impeccable taste for fashion sets Ibs apart as my trendiest friend. He gives “The Most Interesting Man In the World” a run for his money, as Ibs vicariously lives through himself. It was a sad day for me when Ibs moved to tackle the fast pace life of the Big Apple. He was the one person who could truly understand the craziness that was FIU. Whether just talking at dinner or going out on the town, Ibrahim Chaudry is always the life of the party!