Elizabeth Green / Maid of Honor

I couldn't be any luckier!! As my future sister-in-law, Elizabeth and I are two peas in a pod. We love to eat the same foods (chicken nuggets and mac and cheese) and we share the same interests (watching Disney movies, laughing, and playing with the family dog.) She and Andrew have such a beautiful bond – I love to watch Andrew play with Elizabeth’s hair, give her bear hugs, and make funny sounds that make Elizabeth laugh from deep in her belly. She welcomed me into the family from day one with her big smile. Since then, she always shares her bed with me for movie time, and always lets me pick which cartoon I want to watch. She truly is the definition of love, beauty, and happiness – the best sister-in-law a girl could ask for!!


Roxy Sorá / Bridesmaid

Growing up an only child, my cousins were the closest thing I had to siblings. Roxy is like my oldest sister. Her heart is pure gold. She would do anything to help anyone who needed it, without ever being asked. She's involved in the local community and frequently travels to Nicaragua to help build homes for families in need. She recently went back to school to become a Physician’s Assistant while holding down her full-time job. She’s also a completely bad-ass athlete – softball, basketball, track – you name it! She’s always been my protector. Thanks to her, movie-watching involved covering my eyes during kissing scenes until I was 20 years old!


Cristina Sorá-León / Bridesmaid

Growing up, my girly girl cousin taught me so many things that I’ll bet any money she doesn’t remember she taught me: how to write in cursive, how to apply makeup, what kind of boys never to date, to always wipe from front to back, that it’s ok to SING “Material Girl”, but not ok to BE one, and so many more treasures! Cristy has the most incredible sense of humor – she will make you laugh until you cry, and her own contagious laughter will fill up the biggest of rooms. She is wonderfully creative, which she inherited from her mother/my aunt. She is unbelievably sweet, and so affectionate with everyone around her. I was a bridesmaid at her beautiful wedding to my awesome cousin-in-law, Alfie, and I’m so happy she is returning the honor!



Mary-Joe (“MJ”) Castells / Bridesmaid

MJ, who I affectionately call “Doodle”, is my humor twin. We can spend hours bent over in laughter and tears about something that no one else even finds funny. Our inside jokes have inside jokes! I worked with MJ at Diaz Cooper Advertising, where our days were filled with rick rolls, baking cookies, and finding random underwear in the company’s server room. MJ likes to pretend she’s a tough ass, but she’s the biggest softie I’ve ever met when it comes to caring for people. She has an overwhelming empathy for everyone around her and has an unbelievable ability to see the “other side” of things. She’s more incredible than she’ll ever know, and an absolute blast to have by my side!


Svitlana Simohutina / Bridesmaid

I met my wonderful Lana when we both worked at Diaz Cooper Advertising. This woman is absolutely amazing – she is a loyal friend, devoted wife, and professional business woman. She is outgoing and fun, energetic, and always up for anything. Her advice is golden - she is truly the wisest person I have ever met. I literally could go on and on. I have now had the chance to watch Lana become a mother to 2 beautiful twin girls, which has been incredible and inspiring. There is nothing about this woman that I don’t admire. No matter how much time goes by between phone calls or visits, our connection remains special and strong. My “angel” :)